torsdag 10 december 2015

Crucified with Christ

 Aquarelle A4 
I think it is really hard to take a good photo of my paintings. Some of the differens in the colors just disappears
This one should actually be lighter but if I made it lighter so much else disappeared...  

About this painting... When I had newly repented to Christ year 2009. My mum and I was visiting som some friends . When we were there there was some really difficult and hard feelings coming over me. Strong feelings of unbelief ... I just sat and looked down and could not do anything about this feelings that came over me... But the I saw how i was being crucified with Christ. I saw my hands on the cross when the nails went true my hands. In the same moment I saw this all the difficult feelings I hade just disappeared.  This with being crucified with Christ  started to be even stronger and more clear for me some years later when I hade a period when I really started to read The letters to Romans, chapter 5-8. But that is another story. :)

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