torsdag 19 oktober 2017

You're word is like cleansed silver - Acrylic

You're word is like cleansed silver - it lights your fire inside my heart

The words of the Lord are pure words, 
like silver seven times refined.

tisdag 17 oktober 2017

For your glory oh God - watercolor

This summer in Västevik there was something called Love festival.
and one of the musician was Phil Driscoll. 
On the Sunday that weekend it was raining a lot and we where outside.
And Phil was playing and it was really that Phil`s heart was toward God.
And the percent of God became very strong.

If you have not heard him play, here is a link.
I Exalt thee


söndag 15 oktober 2017

Deep into my heart - acrylic

I was starting to listen to the book of psalms on audio-book.
and I was so blessed and I feel, YES! this is good for my soul.